Case 119
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Diagnosis: Light Chains Cast Nephropathy

Bone marrow study demonstrated aberrant monoclonal population of plasm cells, with kappa light chain expression.Estudio de médula ósea demostró población monoclonal aberrante de las células plasmáticas, con expresión de la cadena ligera kappa.

The term myeloma kidney or myeloma cast nephropathy refers to a disorder in which monoclonal urinary immunoglobulin light chains lead to acute or chronic renal failure. The diagnosis of light chain cast nephropathy indicates the presence of multiple myeloma; in other words, it is considered a "myeloma-defining event". Light chain cast nephropathy can occur as the first manifestation of myeloma or can develop later during the course of myeloma (Appel GB, Leung N, Rajkumar SV. Pathogenesis and diagnosis of myeloma cast nephropathy (myeloma kidney) (In UpToDate. Visited on January 20th, 2016. [Link]).

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